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Great pizza and boneless wings! So glad I tried this place. Pizza crust was chewy without being too
Great pizza and boneless wings! So glad I tried this place. Pizza crust was chewy without being too "bready", so you can still enjoy the savory sauce. Healthy amount of cup & char pepperoni, an option I was happy to see on the menu. Boneless wings (mild) were nice and crispy with just the right amount of sauce. Friendly service and o ... read more
Lynne M. via - Jan 20, 2021
The interior was neat and clean, staff eager to serve. The Beyond Burger plate was outstanding.
john giotto via - Jan 19, 2021
Such awesome pizza. They deliver exactly on time if not early, and it is always hot and delicious. I HIGHLY Recommend ... read more
Eddie Passero via - Jan 15, 2021
I don't often give five stars in ...
I don't often give five stars in this category, but JT's honestly knocks it out of the park every time. Not a plate person (I know, I know, I promise my opinions are still valid) but I am on occasion looking for a pizza. I've pretty much switched over completely to JT's when I want a slice (or two, sometimes four with this pizza). ... read more
Mariah H. via - Jan 7, 2021
Best plate in the world. Staff is very friendly. By far my favorite place to order food from. I haven’t had anything off the menu that I didn’t like. 5 star plus ... read more
Phillip Sovocool via - Dec 18, 2020
honestly I love the food, I can never find anywhere to eat that I like and I think I finally found a good one! definitely will be going back!
mackenzie Gaudioso via - Dec 16, 2020
Great food and really nice staff! first time going there and will definitely be back!
Nicole Smith via - Dec 16, 2020
I have to agree with other reviews- ...
I have to agree with other reviews- we took a chance on JT's and it was a pleasant surprise. We ordered delivery from Grub Hub.... but it arrived with what seemed to be a legit pizza man with his pizza-warming contraption. When he pulled the boxes out they were steaming in this cold night air. Super hot & fresh and delivered super fa ... read more
K. Elise S. via - Dec 15, 2020
Pretty chill ... read more
Henry Groos via - Dec 13, 2020
Always amazing food and the staff is just fantastic. You can't go wrong with anything you order here. They will always take care of you.
Mike F via - Dec 10, 2020
This place is amazing! The staff is very nice. The best plate I've ever had. I can't wait to try their wings & pizza. Check this place out! I'm most definitely going to be a regular!
Shane Bush via - Dec 10, 2020
We have ordered here plenty of times and always enjoy the food, but I am exceptionally happy with the customer service last night. We had some food delivered and they made a mistake and mixed the order up, after we called they fast tracked the correct order out to us. Awesome food all the way around!
Nic Rider via - Dec 3, 2020
Amazing food and customer service ... read more
Joseph General via - Nov 26, 2020
Excellent plate and great service ... read more
nick spano via - Nov 17, 2020
I've had a variety of different menu items from here. They were all delicious!
Jules Wagner via - Oct 17, 2020
Amazing food and the owner was very friendly and welcoming!! One of the best Mac salads I’ve had at any restaurant! Thank you for great food and service!!
kelci gavigan via - Oct 17, 2020
Fantastic. I order all the time and its always great.
Steve Weisenreder via - Oct 17, 2020
Best wings I've had in a long time.
Jarrett N via - Oct 17, 2020
To begin with, the service here was great. The food was outstanding; good portions especially with the calzones and absolutely great dough. I honestly do not know what type of sorcery goes into making such fine dough-craft, but this place has got it all going on. Don't order the fried dough though for you will eat it all and may reg ... read more
Caleb Stahl via - Oct 17, 2020
This was my first Rochester plate and it was one of the best meals I've ever had! Everyone was very accommodating and made sure I had an order that I would like. They even had me sample their specialty wing sauce (wolverine) to make sure I liked it before ordering my plate. I highly recommend and will be back!!!
Danielle Clifford via - Oct 17, 2020
They are so kind!! I ordered over the phone for pickup. They told me what I was ordering was actually a combo so I could get a 2 liter of soda at no additional charge. I thought that was so nice and my boys were happy to get root beer! The pizza was great with lots of cheese!! If you're looking for wonderful customer service and amaz ... read more
Abigail Westby via - Oct 17, 2020
Plates were amazing and I couldn't even finish !!! That just doesn't happen.
Frank Ragonese via - Oct 17, 2020
This was the second time I experienced JTs and, as previously, greatly enjoyed my pizza. Also, I asked if maybe they might have a veggie slice or 2 but they didn't. When I explained that my aunt had requested the veggie pizza because of health reasons, unbeknownst to me, he prepared a veggie medium size pizza for her and added it t ... read more
Gerri Smith via - Sep 17, 2020
Cheeseburger plate was tasty - ...
Cheeseburger plate was tasty - seasoned well and burgers were a good portion size.  Was my first time ordering their plates and I would go back.  

Easy ordering and pick up through their website too.  Friendly staff during pick up.
Dave S. via - Aug 30, 2020
Decent food for a good price customer service is good and it's not too expensive ... read more
Angelina Mak via - Aug 17, 2020
Best pizza in East Rochester. Fresh ingredients, not greasy, and a decent sauce. To be fair I have only eaten here twice but 2 for 2 so far.
Robert Jack via - Aug 17, 2020
Good fish fry and calzones ... read more
James Bloom via - Aug 17, 2020
Great place great food ... read more
Dan Navarre via - Aug 17, 2020
Man I want to give this place 5 ...
Man I want to give this place 5 stars because I've been really impressed. We got plates a couple weeks ago and they were the best Ive had!  Tonight got pizza, wings and a calzone. All delicious!  The calzone was underdone, the bottom was pretty doughy and the cheese wasn't totally melted inside. If not for that it would be a 5 star r ... read more
Kelly B. via - Jul 20, 2020
My boyfriend and I were looking ...
My boyfriend and I were looking for a new place to order from and found this little gem! We placed an order for pick up and when we got there , the workers were very friendly and our food was fresh out of the oven, hot! Their pizza, wings, and jalapeño poppers were extremely satisfying but their loaded bomber fries were the ultimate ... read more
Larissa R. via - Jul 19, 2020
Ordered online and there was a little bit of confusion, they almost handed my order to someone else. But luckily, I got my snacks and they were made exactly how I specified. 👌 ... read more
Casey McDonald via - Jul 17, 2020
Ordered a cheeseburger plate last night from JT’s and it was hands down one of the best plates I’ve ever had! It tasted homemade but a uniquely delicious taste! The cheeseburgers were grilled to perfection, the home fries were outstanding and the Mac salad was great too! The meat sauce and condiments were perfectly portioned. I highl ... read more
Tara Schaff via - Jul 17, 2020
JT's pizza is our new favorite! Me and my husband just moved within delivery distance. We love the sauce and its always consistent, fresh and hot. The New York style is our favorite. It's just good Italian pizza. They are always really nice on the phone and delivery is fast! Wings are great too. Highly recommended.
Colleen via - Jul 17, 2020
The nicest people in the world! Hands down, the best garbage plate I have ever had. Thank you! 😍 ... read more
Allie DiCostanzo via - Jul 17, 2020
The pizza is amazing!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 10/10 best pizza in Rochester and that is saying something as my family is an avid Mark's Pizzeria supporter. We were super impressed with the service at JT's, the pizza was hot and stayed hot the whole way home and it was ready when I got there. The wings are fantastic as well and pricing is definitel ... read more
Ashley P via - Jun 17, 2020
WOW!! Can i just say... it is so hard to find places that make food this well and with this much effort. Most of the time you order food and u go meh its ok... but i could make it better at home. that is so not the case here. I got the bacon cheeseburger and this is legit gourmet level. and it was HUGE ... mac salad on point (which i ... read more
Sarah Feely via - Jun 17, 2020
Excellent food.
Thomas Williams via - Jun 17, 2020
The pizza is amazing!!!! 10/10 ...
The pizza is amazing!!!! 10/10 best pizza I've had in a while, and that is saying something as my family is an avid Mark's pizzeria supporter. We were super impressed with the service; the pizza was hot and stayed hot the whole way home and it was ready when I got there. The wings are perfectly crispy, and sizable, and the pricing is ... read more
Ashley P. via - Jun 16, 2020
We've tried pizza, wings and plates ...
We've tried pizza, wings and plates from JTs twice now. We were super satisfied with our food both times. Ordered delivery and it arrived hot less than 25 minutes of placing the order!! Will definitely be ordering again soon :) ... read more
Taylor S. via - Jun 11, 2020
I have to chime in with another ...
I have to chime in with another 5 star review for this place!

Three of us ordered, and usually something is wrong with the order, someone doesn't like it, something is missing, etc.  This order was perfect, and everyone really liked the food!

The side of macaroni and cheese was huge!  Way bigger than we were expecting!
... read more
Jen K. via - Jun 3, 2020
I decided to try this place for ...
I decided to try this place for pizza and wings based off of the 4.9 star and 38 reviews on google. I am sooo glad I did. The pizza sauce was incredible. The wings were crispy and the mild sauce is way better than their competitors. The delivery was free and the prices for the food are very fair. I will definitely be back.
Marie Z. via - May 29, 2020
Best Pizza out of the 2 downtown! The crust is out of this world!
Aaron Pehta via - May 17, 2020
We love JT’s in East Roc! The Mac-n-cheese, the N.Y. style pizza, and tater tots just to name a few favorites. Love that they have the option of a Beyond burger, and the best grilled cheese in the area. Super friendly, efficient service. Really appreciate them.
Lisa Skavienski via - Apr 17, 2020
I've had large pizzas, sheet pizzas ...
I've had large pizzas, sheet pizzas, wings & garbage plates.

Pizza: good

Wings: a little on the small side but they are cheaper than others & they are excellent! I recommend trying the jerk sauce. Wings also come with celery & carrots & nobody does that anymore.

Garbage plates are one of the best I've ever had
... read more
Peter C. via - Apr 10, 2020
Just ate the JT ultimate Burger and it was one of the best burgers I've ever had keep up the good work ... read more
James s via - Mar 17, 2020
Good food, slices of pizza are huge! Burger plate was delish, especially the meat sauce and offered mac n cheese as a choice. Very clean restaurant. Will definitely go back!
Debbie McAnany via - Mar 17, 2020
My significant other and I went to a bar near by, and decided to try JT's to go. We ordered a Chicken Bacon Ranch calzone, and a a JT's plate, both to share. To start, the portions were very large, which is never a reason to complain, only celebrate for leftovers. Both the calzone and plate were absolutely amazing and delicious. I fo ... read more
Stephanie Rich via - Mar 17, 2020
Tasty Pizza! I would definitely prefer my wings extra crispy and should have mentioned that for my first time ordering... BUT, the garlic parm sauce was WAY better than that greasy liquidy barely any cheese stuff other places put on their wings... These wings had GREAT garlic parm sauce... the pizza was steamy hot and just right, I w ... read more
Bria Mastro via - Mar 17, 2020
Excellent pizza!
John D via - Mar 17, 2020
Very good pizza. Clean and friendly and fast ... read more
Vince Badali via - Mar 17, 2020
Good food and friendly staff.
C Whip via - Mar 17, 2020
Great pizza. Some of the better wings and wing sauces in Rochester. Huge portion sizes for the price. Definitely worth the visit.
Charlie Burchfield via - Mar 17, 2020
Nailed it at the Plate-a-palooza, and continues to impress on follow up visits. This is our new favorite plate spot.
Cody Maines via - Mar 17, 2020
My significant other and I went ...
My significant other and I went to a bar near by, and decided to try JT's to go. We ordered a Chicken Bacon Ranch calzone, and a a JT's plate, both to share. To start, the portions were very large, which is never a reason to complain, only celebrate for leftovers. Both the calzone and plate were absolutely amazing and delicious. I fo ... read more
Stephanie R. via - Mar 14, 2020
Just tried JT's for the first time ...
Just tried JT's for the first time, as I am consistently disappointed by the local franchises I usually order from.
All I can say is WOW! I was thoroughly impressed. The pizza was delivered hot and fresh out of the oven. The crust was flavorful and well cooked, the sauce was light and tasty, and the toppings were plentiful.
... read more
Mike G. via - Mar 11, 2020
Great atmosphere everyone was very polite The wolverine wings are awesome and the pizza is delicious ... read more
Anthony Perry via - Feb 17, 2020
Amazing! So fresh . East Rochester needed a place like this !
Teresa Morelli via - Feb 17, 2020
Tried JT's Pizza and Plates for the first time last night. One word ........ DEEEEE-LISH !! We had pizza, wings, potato skins, and the yummiest cinnamon-sugar fried dough. What a feast !! We will definitely be ordering again !!
Patti Brasser via - Feb 17, 2020
Food was great and so was the service! We will definitely go back again ... read more
Shayna Freeman via - Feb 17, 2020
Amazing food located right between all the bars on Main St in downtown East Roc and opened late!!😊🥰 ... read more
Lilu via - Feb 17, 2020
Just took a bite of my plate. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 one of the best I’ve had no joke. Mac salad isn’t bland, meat sauce has the right amount of heat with not to much cinnamon, and the homefries are crispy. Highly recommend, and I will be back for the wings next time ... read more
Corey Smithe via - Feb 17, 2020
My first time ordering from this place was on Super Bowl Sunday. I must say I was very impressed . Delivery was lighting speed and pizza and wings was great. Plus you can not beat their price. Where can you get Pizza , Wings, and a soda for $25 ? ... read more
Vdiddy134 Heme via - Feb 17, 2020
Food is amazing, the place is kept spotless and the crew never disappoints! Forget going anywhere else late night- these guys are Legend!
T Alex Chang via - Feb 17, 2020
Very excited about this place. Pretty good pizza, GREAT plates, super nice staff/owner. Could become an ER staple.
Noah Stransky via - Feb 17, 2020
So me and my family are very glad the JT's is open the food in East Rochester was starting to get stale.we have had the plates.chicken wings and pizza and they r by far the best thing in East Rochester to eat at or order from and friendly service ,great atmosphere and great food .
Kenneth Maher via - Feb 17, 2020
I was very pleased with JT the food was good quality and fast service I will be letting people know about this new restaurant ... read more
M Ocean via - Feb 17, 2020
Had a fantastic garbage plate ... read more
Vernomatic verno via - Feb 17, 2020
First time at JT’s last night. Giving A RAVE REVIEW!!! A friend & I shared a delicious veggie pizza on their cauliflower crust; their boneless chicken wings (garlic parm & honey habanero); house salad; deep fried cinnamon & sugar bites; and each of us had a bottled water for under $30. The food was excellent and everything was SUPER ... read more
Linda Krossber via - Feb 17, 2020
Plates have a great tasting meat sauce. It's not to hot but full of flavor. Pizza and wings were great as well ... read more
Kris Amos via - Feb 17, 2020
JT's is bringing pizza BACK! clean spot, great food, and awesome staff!
Ryan Bush via - Feb 17, 2020
So I'm In penfield for  work and ...
So I'm In penfield for  work and had to get get dinner after 10pm. I actually found these on yelp, noticed it was a brand new small local business and thought why not, I support small business, my dad has his own.  Got to JT's and walked in. Had a good conversation with the guy there(I think Jordan?) and he gave me a few suggestions.
Forrest W. via - Feb 5, 2020
Fantastic food and even better customer service!!
Haleigh Garnier via - Jan 17, 2020
The pizza was amazing! Not too heavy of a dough and great toppings! Highly recommended!
Aimee Willoughby via - Jan 17, 2020
Everything was FRESH! Nice big green leaf salad with crumbly blue, 12" Supreme pizza loaded with fresh vegetables, cajun wings were hot and crispy. Fast and friendly service. Happy to have them in ER, will definitely be return customers. 👍 ... read more
Sarah via - Jan 17, 2020
Awesome pizza and garbage plates !! Reasonable pricing ! And going to be open late night hours !!!!
Lindzey Kramer via - Jan 17, 2020
Fantastic food and great service. Definitely me new late night go-to.
Brendan Carvel via - Jan 17, 2020
Great food great service!! Highly recommend! Check it out!
Brenda Jansen via - Jan 17, 2020
Ordered for the first time today .. pizza was amazing and the fries Dough was . Phenomenal !!!
Emilia Green via - Jan 17, 2020
very accommodating. open to change. still a work in progress but worth coming here. support this local business for sure.
Maggie Lawler via - Jan 17, 2020
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